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I have had a long and very stressful issue with amazon starting on 25th August and continuing to this very day. On 25th August I received an email that told me that Amazon was closing its cloud music service which I have been a subscriber of for many years. I was shocked as a subscriber that this was the first I had heard of this as it would take weeks and weeks of solid downloading to save my possessions. I contacted amazon and asked if it was possible to get an extension and they said they would get back to me but offered a refund of £21.99 for the lack of warning regards changes to the cloud player service. My music tracks were stored on cloud player and I have no longer hard copies as I have donated the old CDs to charity shops believing my precious collection was in a safe place stored on amazon's cloud. I'm a massive music collector, I owned 1000s of cds, I still have 1000s of vinyl. Many were bought from amazon over the 14 plus years I have been a loyal customer. At over 220,000 tracks this is a significant collection, years of collecting, thousands of pounds of my possessions, hours and hours of uploading to their ‘safe’ storage place.

The customer service operator did not get back to me and the £21.99 never showed in my account so I contacted amazon customer services again. This operator told me to go to the settings on my amazon account and opt to save my files and after the 25th September when the service would no longer exist my files would remain. She said I would be able to download my music without fear and the only thing I would miss would be uploading. This relayed my fears to some degree as I was very worried about losing all my music. I was later to find that the £21.99 offered by the earlier rep that never arrived was not actually issued from a later customer care consultant. A lie that was to lead to further broken promises from amazon.

On Thursday night I contacted amazon as the £21.99 had not shown in my account. The service operator said she would contact me within 48 hours to see about the money getting to me. There was no attempt to contact me.

On Sunday morning I rang amazon and told the issue to a phone rep who said he would issue me a refund, the refund already promised by the 25th August rep. However, he also put into place some steps which resulted in him deleting all my music by cancelling my account, a step I had not requested from him. I did not request a cancellation (all my emails and contact was requesting an extension). He did not warn me he was cancelling it. He did not warn me that his action would cause all of my music to be deleted. I received an email saying my subscription had ended (even though the 25th September is the end date) and when I went to download my tracks it would not work. Tracks started vanishing from my account. Hours and hours of work uploading. Years and years of a collection. Thousands of pounds of music deleted. All against my will. This has caused me great great emotional distress as well as the financial loss of 200,000 tracks. A lifetime collection lost through amazon's mismanagement.

Later on Sunday I got in contact with another customer service operator, who was the first person who seemed to have any understanding of my problem. Aswini extended the cloud service by two days and my music started to reappear. It said that on 11th my cloud service would close but as I had opted for my tracks to remain they should be safe. However, on that date the tracks once again began to disappear.

On the morning of the 12th I contacted amazon by phone and after the first customer care operator had difficulty understanding what my concern was I was passed on to another who was, in my opinion, very rude and blunt about my problem, saying that my tracks were deleted and there was nothing I could do. This was very insulting and a disappointing way for amazon to respond to a serious error which has caused both financial (the loss of many thousands of pounds of my possessions without the option of saving them before the date originally stated) and emotional distress for me (from the loss of my collection and amazon’s lack of customer care or empathy).

Later on the 12th, after 2 hours on the phone another customer care operator was able to get my tracks back up. Tonight they have all disappeared again. Amazon has promised again and again they would contact me (with 24 hours/3-4 days/you are a priority) since the 25th August. Still no contact. The fact that amazon can bring my personal files back is beyond frustrating. This has had a terribly adverse effect on me, the stress and disappointment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Uk Cloud Storage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I too spent hours of time and bandwidth uploading my music to Amazon music storage so I feel your pain. unlike you I still have my music on CD and on a local external hard drive so mine won't be lost but I will lose the ability to play it through Alexa which is bonkers in my opinion.

I only use Alexa to play music and audio books so Amazon are shooting themselves in the foot by trying to strongarm customers into using their subscription music service because I'm making alternative arrangements to play these files and Alexa (and Amazon) will then be binned. Sadly Amazon has established such a huge monopoly they don't give a rat's *** about customer service or even about providing what customers want any more. Market forces eventually bring such companies down. Your music will not have been lost, Amazon have everything backed up.

They just don't care enough to retrieve it for you. The contempt that Amazon has for it's customers is quite shocking when you first realise it. I wish you luck in reinstating your treasured collection.

I strongly suggest storing your music on your own cloud for the future. It's not that hard to do and you won't need to be beholden to a dinosaur like Amazon

to FertileCarp998 #1575171

Thank you so much for your words of understanding. Since then amazon have put my music back up and I am furiously attempting to download it all before they once again pull the rug out.

It seems it was easy enough to reinstate after all, they just didn’t bother. Once I have my files back i’ll get a few hard drives.

They have lost my faith in them as a cloud service provider. Thanks

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